Watch this 13-foot tall, piloted, real-life mech take its first steps

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Jan 2, 2017, 1:12 PM EST

We’re one step closer to a real-life Pacific Rim. Let’s just hope we don’t also get a kaiju attack to go with it. 

Engadget reports the Korean company Hankook Mirae has completed work on a prototype of a massive mech — complete with space for a pilot inside to keep it running. The tech was designed by Hollywood effects guru Vitaly Bulgarov, and is basically a mini-version of a legit Jaeger. The prototype is 13 feet tall and weighs 1.3 tons. But, instead of fighting giant monsters, this rig is created to go into areas that are too extreme for unprotected humans to enter. For, you know, rescuing people from volcanoes and stuff.

Of course, this first version is still just a prototype. It requires a tether for power, though they want to create a platform that can actually make it useful. They’re also developing a wheeled base for a powered source. So we still have a ways to go until people can jump onboard and just take off running. But this is certainly an exciting first step (literally).

Check out the mech in action below and let us know what you think:

(Via Engadget)