Watch 20 minutes of awesome gameplay footage from Horizon Zero Dawn

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Feb 1, 2017, 8:00 PM EST

PlayStation has unleashed 20 minutes of glorious gameplay footage from award-winning developer Guerrilla Games' next opus, an open-world RPG titled Horizon Zero Dawn.

The studio behind the hugely popular Killzone franchise, Guerrilla Games will now take us a thousand years into the future, where our Big Blue Planet has been abandoned by man and huge robotic creatures have taken over. Shades of Terminator, anyone? ...

... except that the game looks far less apocalyptic than the James Cameron movies and more like we're back to the dawn of civilization. With robots.

Players will get to play as Aloy, a badass skillful hunter who hunts down the robotic creatures armed with a mix of primitive and technologically advanced weapons used to strip the creatures of their metal and electricity. The gameplay footage highlights the cool mechanics of the game and RPG elements as well as introducing us to Aloy and showing off what she can do, which is a lot.

Here's an official and detailed description of Horizon Zero Dawn:

In a lush, post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization, pockets of humanity live on in primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. Their dominion over the new wilderness has been usurped by the Machines – fearsome mechanical creatures of unknown origin.

Play as Aloy, a young hunter on a quest to discover her destiny among the remnants of the ancient past. Shunned by her own tribe since birth, Aloy has learned to harness her agility, cunning, and deadly aim to hunt the Machines, defend against rival tribes, and survive in the unforgiving wilds.

Journey through a world filled with strange artefacts and crumbling ruins to unlock its deepest mysteries. How did the Machines come to dominate this world, and what happened to the civilization that came before? The answers may determine Aloy's fate – and that of humanity itself.

Engage in a deep, rewarding role-playing experience that involves highly varied tactical combat. Fuse primitive gear with advanced technology to craft devices that turn predators to prey. Develop unique strategies to take down different Machines, and hack trapped specimens to do your bidding.

Explore a vibrant landscape rich with the beauty of nature. Travel through stunningly detailed forests, imposing mountains and the atmospheric ruins of a bygone civilization, all brought together in a world that is alive with changing weather systems and a full day/night cycle.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on Feb. 28 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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