WATCH: 5 signs your kid is living inside a horror movie

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Jan 31, 2018, 11:59 AM EST (Updated)

Everyone knows being a parent can sometimes be hard — even when your offspring is just an ordinary kid, with ordinary friends, who does ordinary things like watching wholesome TV programs and/or playing video games. But imagine how hellish it can actually be for the parents of kids who might be living inside a horror movie or TV show.

These children can sometimes be charming and downright cute until you discover they're possessed by Pazuzu and they start spewing pea soup all over the place. Or they make it a hobby of talking to the static on TV. Or their imaginary friends turn out to be ghosts... or worse, ghost twins.

SYFY WIRE has gathered the five unmistakable signs your kid might be living in or is from a horror movie to help you navigate those particular deep dark waters of parenthood.


One of the telltale signs that you are the parent of a horror movie kid is when your child's favorite show is just static on TV, and no matter if you flip the channel or simply turn off that television set, it just pops up back on. Also, if you wake up with your offspring standing over you with a knife in hand and screaming "redrum," then you definitely shouldn't ignore the sign.

Horrifying drawings of murder and monsters and your little cherub being a beacon of death and destruction a la Firestarter also point to you being the parent of a horror movie kid. And the one classic sign is when your child tells you, "I see dead people." Take a look at our video above, and beware.

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.