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Watch: 5.5 strange incarnations of Spider-Man

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

There are thousands and thousands of species of spiders (many of which you've never heard of), so it's only appropriate that there are nearly as many versions of Spider-Man as well.

Like his octopedal namesake, Spidey has more versions of himself than you can shake a web-covered stick at. Though there are many well-known versions, there are plenty of bizarre and obscure variations on the wall crawler from across the multiverse that you're probably not as familiar with that can do all sorts of wild things that fall outside the normal parameters of doing what a spider can.

So in honor of Peter Parker's 55th birthday, we've compiled 5.5 of the strangest incarnations of Spider-Man‚Äč into one video so you can experience their wonderful weirdness for yourself. Be sure to let us know your favorite versions of Spider-Man in the comments, and stick around SYFY WIRE for more Spidey-centric videos!