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WATCH: 7 essential Farscape episodes

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Jul 24, 2018, 3:40 PM EDT (Updated)

Ever since it came out on the other side of a wormhole almost 20 years ago, Farscape has been weirding us out in the best way possible. Sure, there are other living ships and alien crews flying through the sci-fi universe, but none so perceptive as Moya or her really out-there interspecies crew.

Farscape spawned from the overactive imagination of Rockne S. O'Bannon and The Jim Henson Company. Makeup and prosthetics at least temporarily morphed human actors into Delvians, Nebari and Luxans. The Sebacians got off easiest in the makeup chair since they were the most humanoid. Dominar Rygel XVI, a Hynerian and Pilot, of a mysterious race only known as Pilots who looked something like space arthropods, were entirely Creature Shop creations. There's a reason the Halosians looked like genetically altered Skeksis.

You can't possibly go through all four seasons of Farscape without feeling like you're on board with lone Earthling John Crichton for one of the most turbulent and hilarious rides thorough the unknown reaches of space. After dealing with gunships, radiation blasts, body snatching, alien vomit that comes alive, and hallucinations that may or may not be hallucinations depending on who you're talking to inside your own mind, there's probably nothing so bizarre that you'd so much as raise an earbrow at anymore.

There is something about this series that makes you look past the blue skin and tentacles and random mind-reading trances after a while. The crew of Moya often find themselves entangled in situations more human than any of them realize, from relationships between characters with radically different DNA to the ethical implications of bringing back the dead or saving your own extra appendages by blasting an enemy ship to space junk.

While Farscape left us hanging on the edge of the cosmos with its sudden cancellation in 2003, you have to watch (or re-watch) these episodes before initiating starburst and taking off to The Peacekeeper Wars.