WATCH: 7 Essential Grant Morrison stories

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Feb 4, 2018, 12:05 PM EST

Scotsman Grant Morrison has been a captivating cornerstone of the comics industry, with his many contributions to the art since he first burst upon the American comics scene back in 1989 with the chilling graphic novel Batman: Arkham Asylum and his sharp work on Animal Man.

His name being associated with any new project always carries with it an air of nonlinear unpredictability and deep sophistication that puts him in the same rarefied air as other luminaries like Neal Adams, Alan Moore, Jack Kirby, Alex Ross, Scott Snyder, Jim Steranko, Neil Gaiman, and Frank Miller.


His stellar writing has appeared in acclaimed titles like Batman R.I.P., All-Star Superman, JLA, New X-Men, The Invisibles, Batman Incorporated, Batman and Robin, Doom Patrol, Klaus, and many more.

Morrison has been in the limelight most recently with his 2012 dark fantasy buddy-cop series, Happy!, being adapted by SYFY and already picked up for a second season after a strong debut.

In honor of the master's birthday week, SYFY WIRE has gathered seven essential Grant Morrison stories to immerse yourself in before all the candles extinguish.

Shuffle through our selection of iconic titles in the video below and tell us if we've hit on any of your favorites.


Additional material by Jeff Spry.