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WATCH: 7 essential music-influenced comics

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May 11, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Music can serve as a capsule for a specific time period, a specific era, the politics of that time, the events that change the world. In the same breath, music can transport us to fantastical places, an escape from our lives. It can make us feel the highest of highs, and conversely, remind us of our lowest moments. It's a powerful art form, and in cinema, a soundtrack can help steer the viewer into feeling stronger emotion, moods, or heightened excitement. Even the games we play are incomplete without it.

And for those who create art, it's not uncommon to have music playing while one is painting, drawing, designing, or writing, which is why comics and music go hand in hand. Often times, they can inspire one another; they both tell stories, both personal and fantastical. Each creator hopes their story will find an audience, one that connects to the material. There are select comics that interpret or dissect the music and the lyrics, or explore the lives of musicians. Some look at the painstaking process of making music, while others look at the how music is another integral slice of life.

One might be surprised to see the many ways music inspires comics that are not about music at all. As a part of our Music Month celebration, we look at all of the ways that comics and music are tied together, with our original video, 7 Essential Music-Influenced Comics.

With such a vast pool of examples of where music and comics intertwine, you might be wondering what the qualifications were. We looked at comics that were truly inspired by songs and the music scene, as well as the stories behind the music. Thus we came up with our favorite comics that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for music.