WATCH: 7 essential Star Wars video games

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Dec 8, 2017, 4:45 PM EST

The Star Wars gaming universe is a vast and colorful tapestry of scintillating shooters, RPGs, sims, platform adventures, MMOs, arcade fighters, and survival contests to satisfy the franchise's enormous fanbase.


From Apple's unlicensed Star Wars space pilot trainee for the Apple II in 1978 to this fall's epic Star Wars: Battlefront II release, the digital frontier is crowded with Jedi, Sith Lords, TIE fighters, lightsabers, spaceships, alien creatures, and droids.

As Rian Johnson's next installment of the storied Star Wars world, The Last Jedi, is set to unspool in theaters on December 15, now is the perfect time to get into the spirit and revisit some of these legendary Star Wars video games.

Plug in and settle down for a long winter's mission into the seven most essential Star Wars offerings on your gaming console, mobile device, or PC in the video above, then tell us which one you've invested the most geeky joy in before you descend into the epic rush and whirl of Star Wars: Episode VIII.


Additional material by Jeff Spry.