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WATCH: 7 essential Superman villains

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Apr 13, 2018, 8:05 PM EDT

With Superman being an alien, his rogues gallery runs the gamut from humans without super powers to magic beings from the fifth dimension to omnipotent gods from the Apokolips. With this group of villains comes a variety in the stories Superman finds himself in. They can be grounded tales on Earth in one issue, or the otherworldly settings of another galaxy. Some are straight stories about the human condition followed up by another from the absolute bizarre, and Superman can tie all of those together. Some villains are absolute brutes, others are more cerebral. That's part of the fun that Superman and his villains brings to his readers.

As a part of celebrating Superman turning 80 and Action Comics reaching Issue #1,000, SYFY WIRE has come up with Superman's 7 Essential Villains. With just seven to choose from, there's no way we were able to get everyone's favorite in there.

Did yours make the list? Think someone else is more worthy of being there? Let us know in the comments section below.