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WATCH: 7 ways to defeat Superman

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Apr 6, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

Enhanced by Earth's yellow sun, Superman is gifted with flight, heat vision, chilling breath, enhanced hearing, X-ray vision, super strength, super speed, and a bunch of other lesser-known abilities. One would think that would make him an impossible hero to defeat. Ah, but that would make it tough to come up with compelling stories... and we'd never see Action Comics reach the #1000 milestone, nor see Superman turn 80.

Over the years, writers and artists have come up with ways to bring Superman down. Some have come up on numerous occasions, giving them more weight. Other methods seem like they came out of left field, but that didn't make them any less compelling if it made for a good comic. The bottom line for when you find yourself in a superhero debate, Superman can be defeated — multiple ways, in fact — and we've compiled them in in our 7 Ways to Defeat Superman video.

We can't help but lead with kryptonite because it truly is the simpliest and easiest way to catch him off guard. But how many of the other methods do you know of? If you think we've missed one, or you want to discuss a standout story where Superman took a loss, share them in the comments section below.