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Watch: A fallen angel wings it in exclusive clip from Midnight, Texas

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Aug 25, 2017, 1:39 PM EDT

Midnight, Texas is a town already haunted by ghosts, vampires, murder, and supernatural secrets, but it’s apparently also watched over by angels. Fallen angels. How else would they get to Earth?

Check out this exclusive clip from next week’s episode of NBC's supernatural series Midnight, Texas, titled Blinded by the Light -- it may not be what you think. There are no haloes or glowing figures in the dark. Joe may have already revealed what he is to (predictably) the Reverend, but no one else has any clue why he’s ripping his shirt off. Or why he’s screwing up his face as if he’s either exerting enormous effort, or suddenly in enormous pain, or both. But that’s what sprouting wings does to you.


The big reveal comes after Manfred insists that they unearth the source of serial abductions that may or may not be supernatural in nature.

As the rest of the Midnighters look on in shock, a newly winged Joe offers to cover more ground from high above, as he heads off and takes flight.

It takes a lot to shock a vampire or someone who can channel spirits through an Ouija board, but the crew also seems to take fleeting comfort in seeing an actual angel emerge in a place infested with demons.

The next episode of Midnight, Texas lands this Monday at 10 p.m.