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Watch a giant snake run wild in this exclusive clip from 'Snake Outta Compton'

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, we've seen monsters run amuck before, but never quite like they do in the upcoming horror spoof Snake Outta Compton. Okay, so this movie isn't going to win any prestigious awards, but that's no reason that it should be robbed of its rightful place in the pantheon of Sharknado-era monster movies.  

The story starts out in an average day in the city of Compton, CA, but it soon turns into a literal nightmare when an enormous, mutated snake starts wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, swallowing everything whole in its path. While the city is gripped with fear, it's up to Cam (Ricky Flowers, Jr.) and his trusted hip-hop group to save both their neighborhood and their record deal. 

In the following clip, exclusive to SYFY WIRE, Cam and the rest of his group are desperate to figure out what's wrong with Vurkel, the vengeful outcast who's responsible for the slithering Serpentes running wild. As the group drags an equally mutated Vurkel on the bus, they find themselves having to outrun the giant man-eating snake that's hot on their trail, putting their mission — not to mention their record deal — at risk. 

By sending up both action and horror movie tropes, Snake Outta Compton is a wild, over-the-top genre mash-up that manages to satirize everything from Boys N The Hood to Training Day, with just a bit of Family Matters thrown in for good measure. It even manages to tie its narrative with some nods to the 2006 classic Snakes On A Plane

Will Cam and his hip-hop group end up saving their neighborhood and keeping their record deal intact? Find out when Lionsgate's Snake Outta Compton premieres on DVD and VOD on October 23.