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Oct 14, 2018, 4:29 PM EDT (Updated)

If you grew up during or otherwise survived the '90s, there is no way you weren't subjected to the kick-ass mech-driving space ninjas otherwise known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

What you now recognize on toy shelves everywhere (because the show was basically one massive toy commercial) as the phenomenon that probably had half your class dressing up in plastic masks and rainbow spandex started as the Japanese series Super Sentai. Media mogul Haim Saban decided to morph it into a TV phenomenon by taking the original Japanese footage and merging it with American actors, voiceovers, and new scenes. That explains all the guys in rubber kaiju suits lumbering around.

They started taking over the planet in 1993. Every new season has spawned new Zords, and with new Zords come the new plastic versions. Never mind any costume changes, villains, creatures, and alien landscapes, or all the (mostly) safe recreations of weapons and gadgets that meant parents everywhere were hiding their wallets around the holidays.

Those pieces of plastic must have been pretty dead-on if the cast only needed to stop by a toy store and pick up a new Morpher whenever they lost one.

Power Rangers has never stopped punching, kicking, and otherwise beating the ever-loving crap out of extraterrestrial villains for the last 25 years. Its longevity is almost supernatural. However, for those of us who grew up practicing our sickest martial arts moves in front of the TV and begging to wear one of those iconic suits on October 31, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will always be our Zeo crystal.

For everyone out there who still has their OG action figures and Happy Meal toys in mint condition or wonders how they missed some very obvious spliced footage or Goldar's seething low-key hate for Rita... it's Morphin time.

Let's look back.

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