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WATCH: Actual astronauts answer your questions

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Jan 25, 2018, 12:45 PM EST

Hailing from Award-Winning filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and producer Jane Root via her production company Nutopia, National Geographic's upcoming miniseries One Strange Rock (which was originally announced back in 2016) will explore Earth's many wonders as well as the bizarre and fragile qualities that make up our Big Blue Planet.

Will Smith will act as host (yep, that Will Smith) and lending their expertise to the program are real-life astronauts Jeff Hoffman, Leland Melvin and Jerry Linenger.

The dynamic trio was on hand to answer some of SYFY WIRE's fans most burning questions about Earth, including how to mitigate the effects of contamination on the planet in order to save it. Also, what they think of Ron Howard's 1995 movie Apollo 13? What's the best and the worst thing about living on the I.S.S.? And the most important question of all: Star Trek or Star Wars?


"Star Trek," said Melvin without hesitation. "It broke so many barriers, you know. You had the first African American woman on television that wasn't a maid or servant, Lt. Uhura [played by Nichelle Nichols]. And the first interracial kiss. The first intergalactic kiss."

As for Linenger, he couldn't decide between both franchises so it was a toss-up for him. On the other hand, Hoffman admitted that while he was never a Trekkie when the various Star Trek series aired on TV, he's come to love it thanks to the movies — while also loving Star Wars.

Check out our video interview above for some very fascinating answers to your series of questions (including a cool tidbit about Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell) and chime in with your thoughts in the comments below. One Strange Rock premieres on March 26.

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