Watch ALL of the bloody Walking Dead webisodes right now!

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

As part of the warm-up for the October 16th premiere of The Walking Dead's second season, AMC hatched Torn Apart, a six-episode web series chronicling one mother's indoctrination to the zombie holocaust.

If I have one critique of these gore-ific gems directed by makeup maestro (and Walking Dead co-executive producer) Greg Nicotero, it's that Torn Apart begins much in the same way that the series did: With our main character waking up to find that the apocalypse began without him or, in this case, her.

Still, these are all very much worth a watch.

"A New Day"

"Family Matters"

"Domestic Violence"

"Neighborly Advice"

"Step Mother"

"Everybody Dies"

(Via GeekTyrant)

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