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Watch all of Friday at Emerald City Comic Con right here!

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Mar 4, 2018, 3:37 PM EST

Day 2 of SYFY WIRE's time at Emerald City Comic Con was just as action-packed as the first one. On our main stage, guests like Ryan Ferrier, Brian Michael Bendis, and Shannon Purser stopped by and, for your viewing pleasure, below are the entire, unedited streams of that day.

DISCLAIMER: The following videos are the full, unedited livestreams of SYFY WIRE's three panels at Day #2 of Emerald City Comic Con. This means the streams include breaks, pauses, dead air, down time, and filler content. 

1. Main Live Stage:

Morning Kick-Off Show

Body Painting Demo w/ Dutch Bihary 


Jonathan Coulton & Molly Lewis Talk Nerd Rock:

Coulton and Lewis just returned from their annual week-long JoCo Cruise with 1600 nerds and recalled their ocean voyage aboard what amounts to a giant floating hotel with all the free food you can eat.

Critical Role - Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham:

Every Thursdays, fans follow Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe and Travis Willingham who join together to jump boots first into a new D&D adventure, lending their considerable vocal talents (most of them have worked in animation and/or video games) to breathe life into their characters.

Royden Lepp Talks 'Rust' Comic

Terry Moore Talks Strangers In Paradise

Ryan Ferrier Talks G.I. Joe vs. Six Million Dollar Man

Tim Sale Interview:

Eisner Award-winning artist Tim Sale has been in the comic book business for more than two decades where he has been producing some legendary art work for both Marvel and DC Comics.

Brian Herring (Star Wars BB8) 


Brandon Sanderson Talks Cosmere Novels

HOLDING FOR YouTube Influencers (JeromeASF, ParkerGames and OfficeAntics)

Jeremy Shada Interview (Adventure Time)

David Hayter Interview (Metal Gear Solid)

Brian Michael Bendis Interview:

Bendis, who was in the midst of finishing his Marvel run before going to rival DC when he was hospitalized, said that he was waylaid with multiple comics to write, without Iron Man or Jessica Jones wrapped up, and the thought that kept coming back to him was how many stories he still wanted to tell. They finally let him go home for a single night, which led to Bendis finishing a Defenders script with his one working eye barely open.

Shannon Purser Interview (Barb on Stranger Things)

Summer Glau and Sean Maher (Firefly):

A pivotal aspect of Firefly is the story of the Tam family, and River Tam and her brother Simon are two of the most beloved characters in the world of the show. The actors behind the Tams recently shared some of their experiences at 2018's Emerald City Comic Con. 

Eliot Rahal Talks Cult Classic: Return To Whisper

Sean Rubin Talks Bolivar Comic

Inside The Dead of Winter Comic

Jackson Lanzing & Nathan Gooden Talk ZOJAQAN

Zach Callison Interview (Steven Universe)

Content for Live Stage begins at: 21:34

2. Panel #1:

Let's Talk Firefly with the Tams

Critical Role (Bailey/Willingham)

Felicia Day Spotlight

Jeremy Shada Spotlight

Wil Wheaton Spotlight

Content for Panel 1 begins at: 27:46

3. Panel #2:

Phil LaMarr

Jonathan Coulton Spotlight

Brandon Sanderson Spotlight

The Universe of Star Wars

Gamers Live: American Sentinel

Content for Panel 2 begins at: 31:47