Watch an amazing mashup of Mad Max: Fury Road and Adventure Time

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Aug 12, 2015, 3:58 PM EDT (Updated)

At first glance, the whimsical distant lands of Adventure Time don't really have anything in common with the gritty wasteland of Mad Max, but they do both take place in a post-apocalyptic world, and they both have a rather vibrant cast of characters. Plus, this is the Internet, which means someone will always find a way to mash things together. 

A couple of months ago, artist Ryan May released a series of prints in which Adventure Time characters got the Fury Road treatment. The prints were a hit, and they inspired artist Egor Zhgun to take the concept to the next level: animation. In a video released yesterday (the same day Fury Road got its digital release), Zhgun puts Adventure Time characters into some of the film's most awesome shots, from the showdown between Furiosa and Max to the Doof Warrior thrashing.

The video's only a minute long, so there's not time to recast every major Adventure Time character in the Fury Road world, but the ones who do make it in are pretty well cast. Finn is Max, of course, while Jake gets to be an awesome wasteland car. Ice King is Immortan Joe, Princess Bubblegum is Furiosa (with an arm made of candy), Lemongrab is Nux, and Marceline is the Doof Warrior. Check it out:

(Via YouTube)

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