Watch: American Gods' Pablo Schreiber on Mad Sweeney's expanded story and bleeding for his art

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May 16, 2017

Is Mad Sweeney the angriest leprechaun ever?

The man bringing to life the old god from Neil Gaiman's American Gods for the eponymous STARZ series is actor Pablo Schreiber (yes, his half-brother is Liev). We got very lucky to have him in our studio for a sit down to talk about how he got cast, Mad Sweeney's elevated narrative in the show, and where that little scar on his forehead came from (hint: Ricky Whittle).

And be sure to log onto SyfyWire on Monday mornings for our exclusive Pablo Schreiber episode post mortems, dissecting the Mad Sweeney view of it all, up through Episode 7.

Watch below, but be warned: there are spoilers through Episode 3 and a tease for Episode 4.

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