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WATCH: Aquaman blue carpet: Black Manta secrets ... and more!

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Dec 21, 2018, 1:00 PM EST

Hold the red carpet. If this is Atlantis, it has to be blue.

SYFY WIRE took the plunge to bring some of the secrets of Aquaman to the surface, from the comic inspiration to whether Black Manta was always lurking in the deep.

"We always had Orm and Black Manta, and it was a question of how we were going to use him because he's so iconic… but he wasn't firmly integrated into the storyline," explained co-screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

Black Manta plays into pre-Aquaman Arthur's story arc significantly because at that point he hasn’t really earned his trident yet and his biggest problem is missing happy hour — forget about his brother's scheme to wage a massive war against the surface!

"Because he makes this enemy in Black Manta, he sort of looks at himself and all the things he did wrong," Johnson-McGoldrick said. "We tried to use Black Manta as a sort of agent of change for his character."

Of course, the way the creatives of Aquaman brought that helmet and its flashing red eyes to life is just beyond cool.

This may come as a shocker, but not everyone in the DCU has always been a diehard Aquaman fan. Ryan Potter, who you may know better as Gar Logan/Beast Boy on Titans, could have cared less about the amphibious hero until Jason Momoa brought him surging to life. Potter is also thrilled to see how the actor's portrayal of Aquaman breathes new life into the diversity of that universe.

"Jason is a phenomenal human being and also actor," Potter said, "so I think him taking on the role of Aquaman is a no-brainer."

So what was it like to film a movie that looks submerged but was shot almost exclusively above water? Ludi Lin, aka Captain Murk, admitted he was blown away by the solutions the special effects team came up with to make it look as if the actors were actually breathing underwater.

"In terms of technology, in terms of equipment, in terms of the time and the CGI they had to put in, it was pretty overwhelming," he said.

Make sure to watch from the very beginning if you want to catch Jason Momoa dancing.

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