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WATCH: Aquaman's Patrick Wilson tells us about his obsessive G.I. Joe fandom

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Dec 21, 2018, 9:25 PM EST

One of the fringe benefits of starring in a big-budget comic book movie is that you’ll get your own action figure. Patrick Wilson is currently tearing up the seven seas as King Orm/Ocean Master in Aquaman. However, when Wilson was a kid, he played with action figures just like everyone else. Recently, SYFY WIRE caught up with Wilson, and he revealed that his main childhood obsession wasn’t Star Wars like his two older brothers, but instead he threw himself into G.I. Joe

“I shifted my obsessions from Star Wars,” recalled Wilson. “I started going really hog-wild into G.I. Joe. I had every single figure... and still do. Although the rubber band inside them is now disintegrated. So a lot of them just pop apart.”

Originally, Wilson was very much into Star Wars, but he told us why he ultimately decided to pursue a different fandom. Wilson also shared a story about his fear that he was getting too old for his G.I. Joe action figures. They were his only true hobby, but he was afraid of how his classmates would react if they knew he still played with toys. Fortunately, the outcome was very geek positive.

"Finally, I remember about five months later going, 'You know what? It’s what I do. I collect G.I. Joe, I’m going to embrace it.' So I brought it all in [for a school project]... and I kind of rocked it. I was like, 'See? I’ve got every G.I. Joe there is!'"

For more details about Wilson’s love for G.I. Joe figures, check out the full video. Then leave a comment for us below!