Watch: Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer on writing Valiant Comics' Secret Weapons and Harbinger film

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Apr 7, 2017, 5:34 PM EDT

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer has had himself quite a year touring the script for Arrival through awards season. He adapted Ted Chiang's story "Story of Your Life," and the screenplay garnered countless awards and wins, including an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, and was Syfy Wire's top film of 2016

Recently, Heisserer was brought on to write the adaptation of Valiant Comics' Harbinger into a feature film as well as make some revisions on the film treatment for Bloodshot off a Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) script. Additional details about the Harbinger film remain under lock and key, but Bloodshot will be directed by the John Wick team of Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (Deadpool2). The plans for Harbinger and Bloodshot include two films each before a fifth film, Harbinger Wars, pulls the two franchises together. But Heisserer's hunger for the Valiant universe didn't stop with the screenplays. He was drawn to the stories and the larger picture of the entire Valiant universe and said it's clear it's not Marvel or DC Comics and that excited him along with the works of Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt for Valiant.

The first Harbinger film appears to center around Peter "Sting" Stancheck's story but Heisserer fell in love with writing Amanda McKee, aka Livewire. He had so many ideas that he used them for a new four-issue mini-series for Valiant, called Secret Weapons, filling a time gap where Livewire tries to locate the Toyo Harada's castaway psiots (surgically-activated super-powered beings) that he activated but felt didn't meet his standard for his elite group of harbinger warriors called "Eggbreakers." Livewire believes that Harada's pariahs can be cultivated into powerful beings as well. 

They include Nikki Finch, a girl who has the power of ornipathy, the ability to talk to birds; Sunil Malakar can transform into a solid "stoneskin" form but cannot move in said state; Owen Cho is a conjurer but he cannot control what objetcs he summons; Martin Tyus can make inanimate objects glow and Rex-O is a creature that can hunt the other orphans. The mini-series will feature the art of Raul Allen and Patricia Martin and the first issue will be released on June 28th, with subsequent issues released on July 19, August 16 and September 20.

Since we had Heisserer in studio, we couldn't help but ask him a few questions about Arrival too. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about Secret Weapons and Valiant Comics' venture into feature films. 

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer on writing Valiant Comics and feature films.