Watch Arrow's Stephen Amell try to teach his friend how to do the Salmon Ladder

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Dec 16, 2014, 2:43 PM EST (Updated)

Considering he plays the hero on The CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell obviously has to keep himself in peak physical shape. But that doesn’t mean he has to keep all those fitness secrets to himself.

One of the most meme-worthy things about Arrow is Oliver Queen’s (Amell) frequent use of the Salmon Ladder to work out. Basically, it’s a chin-up bar built into a ladder, which requires focus and strength to lift the bar during the chin-up and move it to the next rung. Not surprisingly, it ain’t easy.

Behind the scenes this past weekend, Amell took some time to try and teach a friend of his how to do it. Considering Amell is ripped like a Greek god, he can explain it quite simply and give an example with ease. His pal? Not so much.

That looks like it hurt a little bit.

Amell has always seemed like a fun guy behind the scenes, and he takes the time to interact with fans via social media and in person at cons. So, if this whole vigilante thing doesn’t pan out, he can at least fall back on this skill set as a personal trainer. You know, just without the snickering when you fail miserably. 

(Via Stephen Amell)

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