Watch artist Jim Mahfood draw some killer attitude into Grrl Scouts

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

In case you haven’t met the graffiti-spraying, stripper-pole-dancing, magic-socks-wearing and totally badass trio who are the Grrl Scouts, you will after you see creator and artist Jim Mahfood bring a bulletproof Gwen to life as she appears on the cover of Magic Socks #4.

"I'm definitely going for a kinetic and loose approach in my work just to give it energy," Mahfood told SYFY WIRE as he put his pen to paper, explaining that he prefers to see the drawing come into being in a way that almost feels as if it's "moving or vibrating."

Grrl Scouts, which took a leap from comics to TV and now back to comics, is the electrifying series that follows rogue anti-heroines Gwen, Daphne, and Rita as they pound the pavement doing illegal things and somehow manage to be the most unexpected forces of good you'll ever run into in a dark alley. These girls weren't born with some supernatural destiny. They're underground weed dealers (note the psychedelic aesthetic that runs through Mahfood's work) who just want to make a buck on the streets and party till dawn until a sinister conspiracy crawls in. Then they realize that evil is going to crash the party unless they save the world.

Mahfood doesn't believe in rules when it comes to drawing comics. Much of his look and approach comes from years of relentlessly drawing in sketchbooks without penciling anything. Not to mention watching graffiti artists paint at night. He just goes with the flow of the ink after deciding which girl will be on the next cover and how dark, both literally and otherwise, he wants to go. With Daphne gone to the Other Side to investigate the origin of the Magic Socks, it was going to have to be either Gwen or Rita, and he decided to give Gwen a sword and some heavy artillery. There's a reason she's holding a human skull.

"Do what you want to do and make it your own thing, your own brand," Mahfood advised. While the pen-straight-to-paper thing may be hard to stomach for some perfectionist types, being an original is something that transcends any method or style.

Grab Grrl Scouts #4 right here and strap yourself in for a fun, freewheeling, and sometimes intoxicated adventure.


Additional material by Elizabeth Rayne.