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Watch: Artist Tim Sale sketches Superman

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Apr 18, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

Today is Superman's 80th anniversary and SYFY WIRE has been celebrating all day with retrospectives, videos, and all things related to the Man of Steel.

Eisner Award-winning artist Tim Sale, whose art has been showcased in comics and graphic novels like Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Haunted Knight, Superman Confidential, and Superman For All Seasons, is intimately familiar with the famous son of Krypton and his importance to the development of the art form that Sale's made a lasting career in.

Being acquainted both with Batman as well as Superman, Sale pays less attention to the form of Clark Kent's cape as he does with Batman's. Watch the acclaimed artist take pencil to pad and see how he conjures up Superman's famous "S," crafts the chiseled features, and brings to life the alien's noble, impressive pose.

While he draws, Sale reveals secrets to creating effective body language, recalls working with the late Darwyn Cooke, applauds the sweet, quiet story Scott Snyder wrote for their piece in today's Action Comics #1000, and tells why Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams' Superman vs. Muhammad Ali is one of his favorite Superman stories.