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WATCH: Babs Tarr sketches Domino from Image Comics’ Motor Crush

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Jun 6, 2018, 11:30 AM EDT

Babs Tarr is a fashion-loving comic book artist mostly known for her work on DC Comics' The Batgirl of Burnside, where she reinvented the character with a new age-appropriate look and redesigned outfit. Tarr worked on the title for three years with writer Brendon Fletcher and artist Cameron Stewart before the trio left DC in 2011 to create Motor Crush over at Image Comics.

The freelance illustrator, who is also well-known for her awesome Japanese-style illustrations, recently took some time to sit down with SYFY WIRE to illustrate the comics' main heroine for our newest video edition of Artists Alley: professional racer Domino Swift.

Tarr brought Domino to life before our very eyes, while explaining her work process. "If I'm doing like a commission or a cover, I'll start out with a concept or an idea like a theme from the issue," she told us before explaining who the character is.

She also touched upon working on Batgirl for DC and having to sacrifice her own voice since she was working on a big property (which is pretty natural). However, she does feel blessed because it helped her create a name for herself and allow her to work on Image Comics' creator-owned Motor Crush.

Tarr also revealed that she was inspired by Willow Smith in creating the look for Domino and discussed the different techniques she used between drawing for DC's Batgirl title and Image's Motor Crush.

As per ususal, there's more in our exclusive video so dig in and have a look at the stunning final result.

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