Watch: Batman's Top 5 Justice League stories

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Nov 14, 2017, 5:00 PM EST

Batman is a loner who doesn't work with anyone. Just don't tell that to Robin. Or the Outsiders. Or Batgirl. Or the other three Robins and two other Batgirls. Or to the Justice League.


It’s true. Despite being a notoriously antisocial grumpy pants, the Dark Knight of Gotham is pretty much constantly having to play nice with others -- most notably his super-powered teammates on the Justice League of America. He may wish he could stick to shadowy alleyways in Gotham, but when the chips are down he's there for his friends, who can always count on him to get the job done.

While Batman may be just a normal human among the other nearly godlike superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, he has proven himself to be one of the most formidable heroes in their ranks, routinely taking down aliens, gods, and supervillains far more powerful than himself by using his unrivaled tactical mind. His willingness to put himself on the line, and his ability to think clearly in impossible situations, have been invaluable to the Justice League on more than one occasion, and we’re bringing you five of the very best Bat-moments in League history.

In anticipation of his upcoming stint as part of the team on the big screen, we are running down five of Batman's biggest moments as a member of the Justice League. So check out the video above and watch as the Dark Knight crosses universes, battles gods, and gains infinite knowledge, all in the pursuit of Justice. Stay tuned for the top moments from the rest of the team and check out our video on the history of the Justice League.