Watch: Battlestar Galactica cast reunites to reflect on series’ legacy

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Jul 10, 2017

We’re not just tooting our horn when we say the mid-to-late 2000s Battlestar Galactica reboot was one of the best sci-fi shows in modern history — but what does the cast think about the show now?

We caught up with several members of the principal cast of Battlestar Galactica, including Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, James Callis and a few others to look back at the show’s legacy. From the way it dealt with politics and religion in a serious way to the roads it paved for serious science fiction on television, everything is on the table as the cast opens up about what the series meant to them.

Check out the interviews below and let us know what you think.

So say we all.

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