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Watch: BB-8 gets the runaround in new Star Wars Resistance short

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Dec 10, 2018, 8:30 PM EST

Ever get the feeling that the harder you try, the more you seem to just be going around in circles? BB-8 feels your pain, and it's tugging at our heartstrings — just a little.

Poe’s plucky robot pal finds out the hard way that persistence doesn’t always pay off as the star of his very own Star Wars Resistance short film, the first in a series of character-focused quick hits Disney’s releasing to tide fans over during the month-long midseason break.

Watch the world through BB-8’s two-foot-high point of view as he dutifully rushes to hunt down Kaz, whom Yeager’s too busy to track down himself.

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Poor fella. But hey, at least he knows where Yeager is (he just came from there!), so the return trip shouldn’t be quite as rough as the first run-through. Still, it ain’t always easy being a machine.

The new short is just the first to land at Disney Channel’s YouTube page through December, with future installments highlighting Kaz, Torra, Tam, Flix and Orka, Hype, Neeku, and the Aces. (And we hope Kaz gets the runaround, when it’s his turn, as payback for making BB-8 sweat.)

It’s all just a fun way to keep fans busy while we wait for Resistance to pick up with its 11th episode in January. And the whole thing slots nicely alongside the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures series of shorts, which Disney just launched as part of a bigger focus on the kid-centric side of the Star Wars universe.

Stay dialed in to Disney Channel’s Resistance landing page for future installments, and don’t dally too long: Star Wars Resistance will be back before you know it, picking up on Jan. 19 where the midseason finale left off.