Watch Bilbo's stirring speech in latest TV spot for The Hobbit

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Feb 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

With The Hobbit's wide film release only a month away, the trailers are coming in fast and furious now. With each one, we get a little more of a taste of what this adaptation will be like. In this one, we hear a surprising amount of courage come from the mouth of one Bilbo Baggins.

Bilbo is a man with a home, Bag End, that he loves. That doesn't mean he won't leave that home if the need is there. In this clip, we see how the needs of others drive Bilbo, which comes in the form of a brief, but stirring, speech.

If you're unable to watch the video, here is a transcript:

"I often think of Bag End. That's where I belong. That's home. You don't have one. It was taken from you, but I will help you take it back if I can."

What do you think? Pumped for this flick yet?

(via Comic Book Movie)