WATCH: Blade Runner 2049's director and cast reflect on the movie's magical sets

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Mar 26, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

We're inching perilously close to the premiere date of October 6 for Denis Villeneuve's gloomy Blade Runner 2049 and it won't be long until we're saturated in its somber dystopian future. Early reviews have been highly encouraging and it appears that this sequel sets the correct tone and style to become a worthy successor to the Ridley Scott original.

In SYFY WIRE's continuing series of interviews with the movie's main cast and creative team, here's a new segment with director Villeneuve, Ryan Gosling (Officer K), Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard), Mackenzie Davis (Mariette), Sylvia Hoeks (Luv), and Ana De Armas (Joi) sharing how they focused on the intense pressure to live up to the seminal first film from 1982 and how the fantastic sets allowed for a total immersion into the feature's morose but magical world.

Listen in and tell us if you're taking off work to watch Blade Runner 2049 on Friday!

Additional content by Jeff Spry.