WATCH: Bobcat Goldthwait on Misfits & Monsters

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Jan 23, 2018, 2:04 PM EST (Updated)

Most of us grew up with Bobcat Goldthwait (Community) doing his hi-pitched, growling comedy routine in goofy movies like the Police Academy series and One Crazy Summer, but he's all grown up now and has become quite an accomplished indie director.

His offbeat brand of filmmaking has delivered such intriguing titles as Robin Williams' black comedy World's Greatest Dad, the docu-drama Call Me Lucky, and the found-footage Bigfoot flick Willow Creek.

Goldthwait's latest project is Misfits & Monsters, a TruTV anthology show featuring a collection of crazy skits revealing how science fiction, fantasy, and horror can be satirized using mermaids, psycho robot vacuums, and other Black Mirror-like weirdness.


SYFY WIRE caught up with Goldthwait and stars Bridget Everett and Danny Pudi in the video above to hear how this unusual genre-hopping show was first pitched, what audiences can expect in the next season, and how the director gathered all his good friends and admired colleagues to co-star in this strange comedy series.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.