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WATCH: Brandon Sanderson on which of his books he'd make into a video game

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Apr 2, 2018, 2:45 PM EDT

For over a decade, Brandon Sanderson has delighted fans of science fiction and fantasy everywhere by churning out book after book after book. Amongst the writer's most notable works is the massive Cosmere universe in which the Mistborn book trilogy and The Stormlight Archive book series are set. He is also well-known for finishing the last novel in Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time, which had been left incomplete following Jordan's death.

Sanderson graciously took some out of his busy schedule for an illuminating sit-down interview with SYFY WIRE during which the author touched upon being considered a prolific writer — something he doesn't consider himself to be. And he explains why.

"Everyone says I'm very prolific, I don't see it that way," Sanderson told us. "I just kind of do my job. I really like what I do. Writing energizes me rather than draining me and so I'm a very consistent writer. I sit down in the morning and I do my work. I write my book, I'm really excited by it, and as soon as I finish one story generally the thing I need most is to start something brand-new, something very different — just to refresh me. And so because of this my main projects, the way I take a break from them, is by writing different books. And so I think it looks more productive than it is, I'm just very consistent."

Sanderson also revealed the first webcomic he read and how he got into video games in the first place (thank you, Uncle!). The writer also touched upon his work being optioned by Hollywood (like the movie rights to his Cosmere universe) and which of his books he'd like to see adapted as a video game.

"I would probably pick Mistborn just because the [magics] in there is the easiest to gamify. It kind of grew out of perhaps my gaming background. I try not to make the books feel gaming-y because I think that can get really boring. Things that work in one medium don't work in another," Sanderson explained before proceeding to use the Jackie Chan movies as an example. "But I do think Mistborn — just the setting — would work really well for some kind of city-based open-world exploration fantasy game," he concluded.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Brandon Sanderson for more and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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