WATCH: Bruce Campbell on kicking butt and fatherhood in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3

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Oct 11, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

Starz' Ash vs Evil Dead doesn't return to haunt the airwaves for its third season until February 25, 2018, but feverish fans did get to catch the blood-soaked premiere at last weekend's New York Comic Con.

Season 3 picks up following Ash and his Ghostbeaters' banishing of the Deadites from Elk Grove, with Ash now cutting high prices with a buzzing chainsaw at his father's hardware store and Pablo (Ray Santiago) joining up as a non-paid employee. This upcoming chapter of the hit horror comedy introduces Dalton (Lindsay Farris), a card-carrying member of the evil-vanquishing occult order, the Knights of Sumeria.

SYFY WIRE monitored the madness with the crazy cast of Ash vs Evil Dead at NYCC, where we learned that Bruce Campbell digs having a new screen daughter (Brandy) played by Arielle Carver-O'Neill, how characters will begin to seize their destinies next year, about the mysterious new mythologies brought in, and the rowdy return of Brock (Lee Majors) and Ruby (Lucy Lawless).

Listen in and tell us if you're looking forward to the third season of Ash vs Evil Dead.


Additional reporting by Jeff Spry.