Watch: Bruce Timm explains that Harley Quinn and Nightwing scene

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Sep 3, 2017, 10:23 AM EDT

SPOILERS for Batman and Harley Quinn animated film!

A scene in Batman and Harley Quinn, in stores and on digital now, has everyone talking. Nightwing is out trying to find Harley and follows a hunch. He tracks her back to her apartment, where she gets the best of him and ties him up. As they talk, and flirt, she begins to change her clothes in front of him.

And, well, Dick Grayson ... gets excited. While it's not explicitly shown, it's very obvious where this goes, and the two definitely had (adult, consensual) sex. For the writer, producer, and co-creator of Harley Quinn, he really just thought the scene would be a bit of fun, he tells SYFY WIRE.

"It's not that it's an important scene, I actually think it's just kind of an awkward, funny situation to put the two of them into!" Timm explained. "Nightwing is known in the comics as kind of a player, and for people who are outraged at seeing Harley being sexually aggressive and sexually active, I'm sorry, but they just haven't been paying attention, because she's been that way since basically she was conceived, 25 years ago."

The scene is fun, and flirty, and Batman's reaction afterward is perfect -- but we won't spoil that here for fans who haven't gotten to see it yet. Check out the full comments from Bruce Timm in our exclusive video below, and check out Batman and Harley Quinn on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD now.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel