WATCH: Bruce Timm on why The New Frontier was one of his biggest regrets

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Sep 27, 2017, 3:47 PM EDT (Updated)

In looking back on one’s long career an artist is bound to have some regrets. It’s just the nature of feeling like you can always improve on a creative endeavor. Artist, animator and producer of DC Comics' animated universe Bruce Timm shared with SYFY WIRE a story of one project he'd like another shot at: Justice League: The New Frontier (2008), which is based on the comic of the same name by the late artist/writer Darwyn Cooke.

Timm wasn't unhappy with the work done on the adaptation but rather disappointed that so much was on the cutting room floor. The New Frontier was condensed into a 75-minute film that could've easily been 120.

"One of the biggest things we had to drop from the movie was John Henry," Timm revealed. "That was really a cool part of the story but it didn’t connect with any other part of the story. It’s a great story in and of itself, but because it didn’t have any effect on the other main characters' story it was the first to go and Darwyn was not happy."

Timm wished they had just a little more time or the opportunity to have a two-part animated original movie like The Dark Knight Returns (2013). The New Frontier was the second animated original movie that Warner Bros. Animated ventured into making, preceded by Superman: Doomsday in 2007.

Both films are a part of 30-film collection called DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection that gathers the studio’s impressive run of mostly PG-13 films, adapting many of the classic DC comic book stories of the modern era. The Collection is available now on Digital HD and will be released on Blu-ray on November 7. There is also a Commemorative Edition of Justice League: The New Frontier that will celebrate Cooke's life and career. be released on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Steelbook and DVD on October 3.

Check out the interview below to see what else Timm had to say about The New Frontier and what other film he enjoyed that fans weren't so enamored by.

Additional reporting by Ernie Estrella.

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