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WATCH C2E2: 180-Degree three questions for cosplayers

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May 1, 2018, 10:26 AM EDT (Updated)

We may have said goodbye to this year’s edition of C2E2, but we still haven’t quite said goodbye to all the fun and games we experienced during Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Like this awesome game of three questions, for example.

Much like she did during Emerald City Comic Con, SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore donned a blindfold and played a game of three questions, hoping to rightly guess select cosplayer's identities. The best part about the whole thing? It’s that you can totally play along from the comfort of your own home.

Since the video was filmed with a 180-degree camera, you can strap on a VR headset to get the best experience out of the guessing game, or you can still watch even if you don’t have access to one. 

What is your superpower? Where are you from? What is the color of your costume? Those are just a few of the questions Moore asked our mystery cosplayers in order to zero-in on their identities. So come play along, and let us know how many you guessed right.

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.

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