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WATCH C2E2: American Gods' Yetide Badaki and Ricky Whittle on Season 2 and more

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Apr 8, 2018, 6:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Filming on the second season of American Gods is about to start soon, but before things kick into high gear, stars Yetide Badaki (Bilquis) and Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon) took some time off to come visit the fans at C2E2.

The two stars even stopped by SYFY WIRE's Live Stage for a chat with Fangrrls managing editor Cher Martinetti, where Whittle and Badaki opened up about a variety of topics. Those included first jobs, collecting (ahem) items from the American Gods set, calling dibs on "Betty" (the Cadillac used on the Neil Gaiman TV adaptation), and geeking out backstage during conventions.

We also got them to roll the dice for some fun questions such as which C2E2 guest they would pick for their zombie apocalypse team (Badaki had the best answer by choosing a Firefly alum); whose panel they would wait in line for ("Ours," was Whittle's answer before recalling waiting in line for an X-Files panel at New York City Comic Con just to say hello to former co-star Gillian Anderson); which character (not actor) from American Gods they think would be the most likely to bother friends the most to help them move; and how much of a problem swallowing bugs would be if the power of flight existed.

Whittle and Badaki also talked about the read-through they recently had for the first episode of Season 2.

"They're really opened to collaboration; they want our voices to be heard," Whittle told us. "They know that we know our characters, so they want to hear what our thoughts are on our characters' voices, the direction that we're going, the scenes that we're in, the dynamics. Because we've got a new showrunner in Jesse Alexander, who's done incredible with the first episode, and I think you're really gonna love it."

The actor also revealed they would be heading out for fittings in Toronto next week and that they would be shooting at the House on the Rock by the end of April — with Season 2 expected to air at the beginning of next year. Check out our exclusive interview for more, and prepare for some laughs.

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