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WATCH C2E2: Brian Michael Bendis hosts the DC Universe panel

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Apr 7, 2018, 8:00 PM EDT

Last year, Brian Michael Bendis made a big splash when he left Marvel behind after nearly two decades to sign a new exclusive contract with DC Comics. At C2E2, Bendis made his debut as a DC comic creator, but he didn't feel comfortable taking his place as a panelist for the DC Universe panel. So Bendis asked if he could host the panel instead.

Joining Bendis on the panel were Justin Jordan, Cully Hamner, Philip Tan, Tim Seely, Benjamin Percy, and Joëlle Jones. Although Jones recently debuted Catwoman's wedding dress in the new issue of Batman, she had even bigger news to break at this panel. In the video, you'll catch a first glimpse of four DC heroine statues designed by Jones that will be released later this year. A few lucky fans even managed to win a statue at the panel.

Jordan and Tan are the creative team behind The Curse of Brimstone, which is one of the New Age of Heroes spinoff titles coming out of Dark Nights: Metal. Jordan told the crowd that he chose the rural setting of the book because of his own rural heritage. Bendis was very excited that Jordan has found a way to deal with real-world anxieties within the context of a superhero universe.

Percy is essentially doing the same thing with his upcoming Nightwing run, as Dick Grayson runs into a case of secret identity theft. It's a problem that Dick Grayson can't simply punch away.

Seeley teased that he's writing a story about Batman's bachelor party (the theme is "hamburgers"), while Hamner spoke about his work on Batman and the Signal. The rest of the panel set the stage for their upcoming projects, as well as a few questions from the fans in the crowd. To paraphrase the competition, "Welcome to the DC Universe, Brian Bendis. Hope you survive the experience!"