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WATCH C2E2: DC's Art Academy panel

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Apr 10, 2018, 12:30 PM EDT

Have you ever wanted to be a comic book artist? Or do you just want a chance to watch some of the most talented artists in the industry share their origin stories or draw in front of a live audience? At this year’s C2E2, DC's Art Academy panel came together under the guidance of Batman group editor, Jamie S. Rich. And he brought a few friends to give fans an insider's view of the comic book realm.

The panelists for this intimate affair were Wonder Woman/Conan artist Aaron Lopresti, The Curse of Brimstone artist Philip Tan, and the creator of Scary Godmother, Jill Thompson. To start the panel off, Lopresti revealed how he broke into Marvel by practically breaking into Marvel! Note to would-be artists: this trick probably wouldn't work again, since Lopresti befriended the Marvel receptionist to get him inside the office uninvited.

Tan's story was somewhat similar, as he befriended professional artists while living in the Philippines. Thompson's tale went all the back to when she was 13 years old, and the only girl at comic conventions dominated by men. She got to watch John Byrne draw and hold court at the cons, before breaking into the industry at 15 with a very amusing project.

The artists sketched throughout the panel, while projecting their work on the screen beside the stage. It essentially allowed the crowd to collectively peer over their shoulders and watch them in action. It was a miniature artistic lesson, and you can watch it unfold in the video below!