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WATCH C2E2: DC's Legends of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz and Dominic Purcell

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Apr 9, 2018, 6:15 PM EDT

The cast of Legends of Tomorrow (Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz and Dominic Purcell) boarded the Waverider to come visit the fans at this weekend's Chicago C2E2 where they not only took part in two panels but also stopped by SYFY WIRE's Live Stage.

Sitting down on our comfy couch for a chat with Tiffany Smith, the trio talked about all things Legends of Tomorrow, starting with what it's like for them to come to conventions ("It's just great to get feedback from the fans," Purcell said).

The actors were asked to sum up what's happened so far on the CW superhero series, with Routh and Lotz basically tag-teaming each other to offer a quick refresher of the show's first three seasons (Legends of Tomorrow was recently renewed for Season 4). They also talked about Sara Lance, aka White Canary, becoming captain after Rip Hunter left that chair vacant, which they see as a "natural progression" of the character.

The cast then discussed how the writers are now tailoring the characters based on each actor's strengths.

"One of the best parts of this new season has been all the comedy, and everybody's getting a chance to do it because we all have great comedy chops on the show and it gives the show a great energy," Routh explained. "We can take ourselves seriously but not too seriously, and it makes it a fun ride for a show that is about time travel; but let's be honest, the rules are like, 'Are there rules?'"

Our Legends also shared some of their favorite moments/episodes on the series so far and delved into getting to play off new characters when additional team members arrive on the show. Then we got Routh, Lotz and Purcell to roll the dice for a little game during which we asked questions such as: Are capes a cool accessory or an unnecessary tripping hazard? How often would you wash your superhero suit? Where would you build their secret base? And more!

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