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Apr 8, 2018, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

After an entire day of leaping, punching, dive-kicking, and dragon-rushing, the best of the best gamers in the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at C2E2 came to the SYFY WIRE stage to face off against each other.

SYFY WIRE's Kevin Fair, who had the best view ever, got in on everyone's team-building strategies, from setting up inevitable Cell vs. Cell action to joining forces between Super Saian Blue Goku, Kid Buu and Vegeta for a Kamehameha-Big Bang-Final Flash trio.

There's also something really awesome at stake here over the next few days — the winner will get to keep sharpening his skills back home in a gaming chair from DXRacer, which is beyond cool. It's something you'd definitely kill a few digital characters for.

Just because players were going to be each other's worst enemies for a couple minutes didn't mean that they couldn't shake hands and enjoy the mind-blowing animated intros before getting their game faces on and going into mortal combat. Some had a little extra ammo. Dion Hampton's demon half-mask looked fierce enough to scare off anyone who dared pick up that control next to him.

The first round brought Dion up against an unmasked Todd Sommerfield, who blasted him backwards when he was caught not guarding his dome. The Todd vs. Dion battle pitted Trunks, Frieza and Hit over what should have been that unbreakable Kamehameha-Big Bang-Final Flash team. Somehow, they all went down, and Todd won. For the moment.

Round 2 was so heated it seemed like the screen would randomly burst into flames any second. Dawn of the Afro, also known in real life as Kyran, and Corey, who may be feared by some as Almighty Merc. This was where the Cell-Cell face-offs happened, and they were fast and furious. There were so many dry-switches to Cell on either side that half the match was pretty much fought by cell on some level. Corey seized the victory.

So then there were Corey and Todd on a digital arena in front of the entire Con and the entire world. Who do you think had the moves to win? Who actually won Day 1? Watch the video and follow SYFY WIRE on YouTube and Twitter to find out!

Additional material by Elizabeth Rayne.

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