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WATCH C2E2: Jason Aaron shares his comic book origin and talks Avengers

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

What's it take to break into comics? According to Jason Aaron, it isn't easy even when you've won the only talent contest Marvel has run in the last two decades. At C2E2, Aaron joined SYFY WIRE's Karama Horne on the Live Stage to revisit his comic book origin story, which required him to break into the industry twice!

These days, Aaron is one of Marvel's top writers, with a six-year run on Thor and an incoming Fresh Start relaunch of Avengers with artist Ed McGuinness. During his extended conversation with us, Aaron touched upon his first comics, The Other Side and Scalped for Vertigo, and even his Ghost Rider run with the ghost shark!

Aaron described his Thor comics as one long story, and his tale is entering the third act with the upcoming relaunch. Thor and Loki are going on a road trip to Hell, which he described as "Dukes of Hazzard meets Hieronymus Bosch." As an old-school comic fan, Aaron feels pretty strongly about renumbering the series. He honors the creators who came before him by telling new stories instead of retelling old stories. Aaron is particularly proud of the Jane Foster Thor story, which is coming to an end.

In terms of the writing process, Aaron said he doesn't get too specific with artists in his scripts. He writes full scripts, but he leaves the details to the artists themselves. Aaron offered a few examples of working with Chris Bachalo, who turns three-panel pages into insane 16-panel pages.

There's even more to see in the interview, which you can watch below!

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