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WATCH C2E2: Mark Millar talks the future of Hit-Girl and his other creator-owned comics

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Apr 8, 2018, 4:37 PM EDT (Updated)

Mark Millar is one of the few comic book creators whose talents as his own hype man rival his creative skills. Millar's a very good writer who has a knack for selling his comics as movies and TV shows, sometimes even before they hit the stands. In Millar's glory days, he could have sold a pitch to Hollywood by the time this sentence was over. But now, Millar's sold most of his creator-owned comics to Netflix, so he once again has a boss.

Millar's trip to C2E2 was his first non-San Diego comic convention in nearly a decade. And on the first day of the con, Millar had a lot to talk about during his spotlight panel. One of the most exciting tidbits to come out of the hour was the possibility of a Hit-Girl movie. Millar related a recent discussion he had with with Kick-Ass and Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn about bringing Hit-Girl back to the big screen. However, Millar tempered that excitement by openly questioning whether it would truly be possible without getting Chloe Grace Moretz to reprise her role.

Additionally, Millar teased The Magic Order, his new comic with artist Olivier Coipel, and the return of American Jesus later this year. Despite working under Netflix, Millar described it as having the best boss ever, as he still gets to write from home, spend time with his family, and visit the pub.

Millar also credited a conversation he had with Stan Lee over a decade ago for giving him the push to form his Millarworld line of comics. And there's even more to discover in the full panel below!