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WATCH C2E2: Mark Sheppard reflects on eight seasons of Supernatural

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Apr 8, 2018, 8:30 AM EDT

The Mark Sheppard Full Employment Act was in effect on the first day of C2E2 2018, as the man behind the demon lord Crowley dished on his remarkable eight-season run on Supernatural. In many ways, it was the alpha and the omega of Crowley's time on the show, as he looked back on how he came to play Crowley and why he was disappointed with his final scene.

First, Sheppard fondly recalled the late Kim Manners, a veteran TV director and producer who helped pave the way for him to appear on Supernatural. From there, Sheppard shared the story behind his first major scene on the series, which required him to kiss another man under a bridge. It was the way crossroads demons closed their deals, and yet the producers had a very hard time finding someone to plant a kiss on Sheppard. Although Sheppard swore the performers had no idea they would be kissing him when they turned down the role. When they finally found someone, it simply led to new unintended setbacks and humor on the set.

Sheppard was less amused about the death scene he was given for Crowley. He was obviously very attached to the role he had played for nearly a decade. The edit on his final episode cut out moments that would have given his character an even more memorable exit. According to Sheppard, he always played Crowley with a sense of triumph even when he lost. His last lines on the show would have reflected this, had they not been edited out. It was a choice that appears to color Sheppard’s feelings for the show.

However, Sheppard made it clear he had much warmer feelings for the cast, even if he couldn't resist teasing them over the course of this hourlong panel.