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WATCH C2E2: Phil LaMarr and Susan Eisenberg look back at Justice League Unlimited

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Apr 9, 2018, 6:43 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s been 12 years since Justice League Unlimited came to an end, but Phil LaMarr and Susan Eisenberg aren't quite finished with their iconic roles. Eisenberg once again lent her voice to Wonder Woman in the first two Injustice games, while LaMarr reprised his role as Green Lantern John Stewart in Injustice 2. Hopefully, we'll eventually see the entire cast reunited for a new Justice League animated movie.

In the meantime, LaMarr and Eisenberg were two of our featured guests at C2E2's live stage. SYFY WIRE's Karama Horne had a chance to interview the powerhouse duo in front of an audience, but she couldn't get LaMarr to share his favorite character to play. Of course, LaMarr has a very good and very funny reason why he won't break his silence on the topic.

However, both LaMarr and Eisenberg were quick to agree that Justice League Unlimited and the Justice League series which preceded it were among their favorite shows to work on. They also touched upon their journey as voiceover artists and shared a few thoughts on breaking into the industry today for potential newcomers. According to LaMarr the technology that killed the music industry has opened up the voiceover industry.

Eisenberg and LaMarr also recalled the collaborative nature of their superhero performances, as well as recording the episodes with the entire cast and the guest stars. Even after all of this time, it still stands out as a special experience.

You can catch the entire video below!

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