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WATCH C2E2: Phil LaMarr brings his cartoon voices into the spotlight

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Apr 8, 2018, 5:25 PM EDT (Updated)

If you've watched almost any animated series over the last two decades, then chances are good that you've heard Phil LaMarr's voice. In live-action, LaMarr is an accomplished comedian best known for his stint on Mad TV and the very memorable fate of his character in Pulp Fiction. But in animation, LaMarr is one of the most prolific performers in the industry. He's the voice of Samurai Jack, Green Lantern John Stewart, Static, Hermes Conrad, and so many others.

At C2E2, LaMarr was the focus of his own spotlight panel, which explored his most famous roles as well as some unexpected corners of his career. However, LaMarr also took the time explain how he comes up with his iconic voices. As he noted early in the panel, LaMarr is a longtime fan of comic books and he rarely has to research a role simply because he knows the source material so intimately. Therefore, when developing his characters, he's more concerned with what they are doing in the show rather than where they've been.

For example, LaMarr recalled building his take on John Stewart for the Justice League animated series based upon Bruce Timm's character design and the notion that John was a career military man in this incarnation. Knowing that aspect of the characters' personality helped LaMarr find the right voice. Each character requires a subtly different approach, but the process is almost always the same.

LaMarr also touched upon several other fascinating topics over the course of his spotlight panel, which you can catch below! 

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