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WATCH C2E2: Podcasters Teresa McElroy and Symphony Sanders play Fangrrls Grrl Gang

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Apr 27, 2018, 6:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Podcasters are the new superstars, so we were happy to sit down with Teresa McElroy of Shmanners and Symphony Sanders from Welcome to Night Vale for a little chat about their shows and to play a game with us.

Shmanners offers "extraordinary manners for ordinary occasions." Hosted by Teresa McElroy and her husband Travis, the pair discuss historical manners in the first half of the show, then devote the second half to fan questions. 

Welcome to Night Vale, now in its sixth season, is a fictional podcast in the form of local community radio updates from the small desert town of Night Vale. Like any good, small town, the updates may range from weather forecasts and community events, to conspiracy theories, strange lights, and creepy hooded figures. You know, normal small town stuff. Symphony Sanders plays Tamika Flynn, a city council member who has "taken over" for the inept council.

We asked Symphony and Teresa to play a little game with us: Grrl Gang. We posed questions about who we would want with us in various situations: a heist, a bar fight, a girl's trip, or as a roommate. We got a wide variety of answers, but of course, we want to know who you would want in a heist, a bar fight, a girl's trip, or as a roommate?

Additional material by Alyse Wax.

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