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Apr 8, 2018, 1:31 PM EDT (Updated)

If you thought Titanium Rex was going to hang up his cape, watch out, because SuperMansion will be swooping and crashing into Sony Crackle for Season 3 — but first, C2E2.

The stop-motion superheroes that spawned from the brains behind Robot Chicken won't be hanging up their capes anytime soon. Masterminds Breckin Meyer, Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich teleported from Storm City to discuss what forces of darkness Titanium Rex and his band of caped crusaders will be facing off against this season.

"I think the idea of having our villains living with the heroes this season will be a lot of fun," said Breckin Meyer, who voices anti-Wonder Woman Courtney and several other characters.

In case you haven’t seen the Season 3 trailer by now (which would make all the legit heroes out there want to run from the pages of their comics), Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) is caught by Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) after falling from a skyscraper he was probably supposed to fly off of and saving the heores from a Subtopian invasion. Now he owes Devizo. Meaning, the "doctor" and his whole gang of villains are moving into the SuperMansion. This is so many levels of wrong that it's right.

Senreich teased that there would be some sort of relationship between Rex and Devizo, though whether they end up friends, frenemies or just bitter enemies remains to be seen. Groaner and Saturn also become a thing. Can you imagine the ultimate parody of Batman having to share living space with a doppelganger of It?

Fans had some burning questions, such as how permanent death is on the show. Think about it. How many comics have you read in which a fallen hero actually stays six feet under? Wells, who could tell this was from a Brad lover, said Brad felt pretty dead to him, but dropped a spoiler for this season involving the undead.

If you want to find out why the villains' lair in Season 2 was next to the Arby's or whether Seth Green makes a comeback, watch and stalk us on YouTube and Twitter.

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