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WATCH C2E2: The Batman panel explores Bruce Wayne's wedding and Catwoman's solo book

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Apr 9, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

There's a wedding this summer in Gotham City, and you're all invited! Batman and Catwoman are tying the knot, but it doesn't necessarily mean a happy ending for the couple. 

At C2E2's Batman panel, DC sent group editor Jamie S. Rich to moderate a discussion with current Batman writers Tom King, Joëlle Jones, Tony Daniel, and Clay Mann, as well as writers/artists Tim Seeley and Sean Gordon Murphy.

To kick off the panel, Jones was put in the spotlight as she spoke about Catwoman's wedding dress, which made its debut in Batman #44 last week. But the biggest news out of the panel is that Jones is writing and drawing the new Catwoman ongoing series, which will launch on July 4, the same day as the wedding issue, Batman #50. However, the panelists made sure to say Batman #50 takes place before Catwoman #1.

Daniel is returning to the Batman monthly series after several years for the upcoming Booster Gold story, while Seeley has been tasked with writing the five Batman: Prelude to the Wedding one-shots, which will set the stage for the big event by exploring it from the perspective of Batman's sidekicks and allies. Of course, the Joker is also going to learn about the impending nuptials, and the Bat-family probably won't like his response.

Fair warning, there are some big spoilers ahead about King and Daniel's three-issue "Booster Gold" storyline in the Batman monthly, including very specific details about how Booster screwed things up for everyone.

You can see it all unfold in the full video below!