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WATCH C2E2: Tom King and Joelle Jones on Batman and Catwoman getting married

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Apr 10, 2018, 8:29 AM EDT (Updated)

Comic book writer Tom King (The Vision, The Sheriff of Babylon, Batman) and artist Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer, Spider-Woman, Supergirl: Being Super and the new Catwoman) were on hand for Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2), where they talked about what can be considered the upcoming wedding of the century in the comic book world.

The dynamic duo, who worked together on several issues of Tom King's Batman title, came by SYFY WIRE's Live Stage where they sat down with Karama Horne for an exclusive interview. The discussion started off about the upcoming nuptials of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman, which will take place in Batman #50.

When asked about the most fun part about writing the whole thing, King said for him, it was to get to discuss the story with his seven-year-old daughter.

Jones, an Eisner-nominated creator, also talked about being able to draw this iconic moment, saying: "It's really intimidating, obviously, to draw. I'm also on a roster with other artists leading up to it that have been incredible. I feel crazy lucky to be counted amongst them and to be a part of it. It's been really fun. And the funnest part has been the reactions from the fans, like being on board and asking so many questions. It's been really exciting." 

Jones also revealed that she's officially the first woman to draw both covers and interiors on consecutive Batman storylines in the character's entire history.

So, what should the fans be looking forward to for Batman #50, out July 4? (Catwoman #1 will also hit comic book stores on the same day.)

"The thing to look forward to — the hardest thing to do is, in 80 years, he's the most written character in the history of fiction," King told us. "He's been in every media, he's done everything. And to do something new with him is really hard. We've moved him into a place where we can show you something you haven't seen before — which doesn't mean we're abandoning this character or talking about him in a different way — but whether or not this wedding happens, whatever happens in that #50, if that happens, you're gonna [get] a married Batman. You've never seen that before. And if it doesn't happen, then you have a Batman in a place he's never been so I think either way what's coming up is something new, and that's hard to do in Batman and I’m super proud of that."

While she couldn't say much about Catwoman (which she is writing as well as drawing), Jones did mention she got to redesign Catwoman's costume. She also revealed that she came up with a brand-new DC villain and that her goal with the comic book title is just having fun with Selina Kyle.

Oh, and our interview was the first one Joelle gave since DC made the Catwoman announcement!

King and Jones also touched on their working process, writing a 20-page sword fight and more. So, come have a look. Are you looking forward to the July wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in Batman #50 and the first issue of Catwoman?

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